Influencer Marketing Campaign

Do you want Roberta to create a whole Unique Marketing Content and Exposure Campaign just for YOUR BUSINESS? keep reading....
What does it really mean for your brand?
We all know how important it is to get your products seen so word of mouth can do its magic. Word of mouth online happens through having brands reps, influencers and great clients talking about you. Thats pretty much how successful online business grow (obviously, plus all the behind the scene stuff... great images, online presence, easy to browse website and competitive prices amongst other stuff)
We also know that if we fail to have a plan, we plan to fail. So a big part of what we do in this Marketing Campaign for you is to come up with a Plan of attack for ALL areas of your online business. All so when we get to the influencers, your business is ready to the next step. 
Roberta, our CEO-Marketing Guru (who has won an Award and was nominated Top 10 Digital Innovator in Australia 2017) has focused the last 4 years with influencer and businesses collaborations, creating Marketing Online Events concepts never seen before, so successful that scored her business Awards and a lot of copycats! Roberta has also been going around Australia for the last 2 years speaking to over 2000 business owners, mentoring over 40 businesses closely and inspiring many others to chase their dreams. Our latest venture, the STYLISH Magazine has had great success due to the massive collaborations Roberta was able to create and promote within the Mag.
So what it means to your business (and budget) to create an Influencer Marketing Campaing?
An Influencer Marketing Campaign is the end goal of our Plan. Before we send your products out to them, it includes:
* A mentoring session with our CEO Roberta to discuss your goals and needs and create the plan tailored to your business. 
* A Project created by her, based on our Award Winning Campaigns, that fits your business goals including the steps you can take PLUS what we can do for you in all areas of your business, so everything looks amazing and ready to be seen by thousands. 
* Content Creation (photos y'all) for your socials to make it amazingggg.
* Influencer Marketing Campaign is our last step together, and its aim is to get you lots of exposure by working with the TOP influencers in our Niche of Mamas - believe us, Roberta has THE BEST connections!
What is the next step?
* We have very limited numbers of campaigns that Roberta will run personally in 2019. 
* You must send Roberta at roberta@stylishkidsaustralia an email to apply for it. Yep, these babies are organised and created by her, with her magic! The Stylish Team just supports her and you in the background. 
* You must believe and have the budget for it. It's life changing yo, totally worth it.