Our Story

Stylish Kids Australia was created in 2015 by Roberta Fairbanks, a Brazilian mama who found herself in a whirlwind romance that took her from Brazil to Australia, to then 400km west of Brisbane, to a tiny little town - in the middle of nowhere! 

Roberta started SKA as an Instagram page simply sharing her favourite kids decor bedrooms and spaces as an outlet and a way to hopefully connect with people from this amazing niche of mama makers and shakers in Australia - this love then turned to focus on Australian interiors only, and naturally progressed to sharing the Aussie mama makers who are now the sole focus of her growing company.

With two bebes at home, Violet and Jose, Roberta has built Stylish Kids Australia from an online instagram Pop Up Store which she launched Boxing Day of 2015 (the first of its kind!) to now hosting live events, workshops, and most recently, launching the online Stylish Catalogue boasting amazing brands, stylish homes and mamas & bebes, and making shopping from home a lot more STYLISH!

Roberta's aim and mission for the Stylish Kids Australia brand has always been to showcase and empower all women to step up, believe in their dreams, develop and grow to become the best versions of themselves for THEM, their families and their businesses. Stylish Kids Australia's ultimate focus and aim is to showcase, empower and educate women all over this beautiful Country (and maybe someday the world!) to grow and succeed in business and in life. 

Now with an Award to confirm their First of its Kind's concepts, a nomination to TOP 10 Digital Innovators in Australia, a team of 4 people working around the clock to make Stylish the most amazing home for stylish homes, mamas and bebes, Roberta goes around the country sharing her strategies on how to use Instagram and Marketing to grow a successful business


So glad you are here - we can't wait to grow together. 


The Fairbanks Family