Meet the Mama Behind the Insta: My Scandi Style

I sometimes have dreams of the perfect Scandi-inspired style. There's something about an aesthetic that is all about minimalism and functionality that speaks to me. The fact that it is trendy certainly helps! I love me some great monochrome pictures!

But then I remember that I am Brazilian and that I also need some colour in my life, lol. In the days that I find myself lusting over the Scandi lifestyle, I just pop on over at Mama Kelly 's Instagram feed, and I find myself in a land of cosiness, cosiness, and much more cosiness. How she can transport gorgeous Nordic influences into her family life in Melbourne is breathtaking. I adore her to bits!

And let's not forget her handsome little fella Harvey. He is just growing up to be such a fine gentleman, don't you think? I sometimes stalk his style so I can copy it with Jose. Yep, I am outing myself on this one but have you seen him? I just can't help it!

We featured this lovely duo and their fabulous home in the first edition of our Stylish Catalogue. We are launching the new issue next month, and I still pinch myself sometimes. It was such a dream come true for me.  So get into some PJs, light a candle, and get to know Kelly!

You can follow Kelly here: @myscandistyle

When did you start your Instagram account and how did it come about?

I started my Instagram account in October 2016. I always enjoyed taking photos of Harvey and his room and posting them. When I started getting reposts and feedback from the small biz I was showcasing in the photos, I got excited, and it took off from there.

Describe your Instagram style.

I think it wouldn't surprise anyone given my Instagram handle, lol. But I love Scandi - lots of wooden decor, greys and white.

What do you love most about Instagram?

Supporting the small biz that I work with and most definitely the Insta community, I’ve met so many amazing people since I started.

I feel the happiest when...

I get a weekend sleep-in followed by coffee in bed and snuggles with my boys.

My guilty pleasure is...

A second coffee in bed, haha! 

My morning routine is...

Coffee, did I mention I love coffee? Going to the gym or for a run and then trying to wrangle Harvey to getting dressed and out the door on time for work.

The advice I would give to first time mums...

Always carry baby wipes, you can use them for everything! I still take them everywhere now and Harvey’s three!

The hardest thing about being a mumma is...

Not getting enough sleep and the guilts I get dropping him off a daycare when I have to work.

My five favourite beauty products...

This is hard, so many faves!

  • Garnier Micellar Water for removing makeup
  • The Beauty Chef Probiotic Skin Refiner for toning skin
  • Skin Actives Vitamin A serum for refining
  • Garnier BB Cream for light coverage
  • Cellinfuse Glow Mask for glowiness 

My fave self-care ritual is...

Face masks, coffee scrubs and massages when I can get time!

Where do you find inspiration for your styling?

So many places, I’m always scouting around for photo locations outside. For inside styling, it’s imagining how I’m going to style a new product in our house, especially Harvey’s room and you may have noticed I love a flatlay, too.

What are your 5 Mama hacks?

  1. Wipes for everything!
  2. Always have snacks in your handbag.
  3. Have some earplugs nearby. (Kidding!)
  4. I love some papaya cream for dry lips, cuticles and highlighting cheeks.
  5. Slap on BB cream to hide the dark circles!


What will we find on your bedside table?

It’s pretty full right now. There are a photo frame and bracelet made by Harvey from daycare, hand cream, lip balm, coffee cup rings, phone, iPad, plants, magazine... It’s a pretty big bedside table!


If you could do one thing to change the world starting from you, what would that be?

Be kind and treat people the way you would want to be treated.

  1. Multi Blue Clock by Clocksicle
  2. Elephant Art Print by Young Souls
  3. Teepee Puzzle Stackers by Bella & The Boys
  4. Inverted 3D Plaque by The Bulb and the Beautiful
  5. Crayon set of 6 by Tinta Crayons
  6. Acid Wash Singlet by Nixons Closet
  7. Tree by HappeeTrees