Getting to know the brand - Wean Meister!

We are IN LOVE with the products from Wean Meister. This amazing and innovative brand was one of our Sponsors for our recent edition of Stylish, which meant we got to learn aaall about what they do, the incredible products they make and who the Mama is behind the brand. 

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Have a read of our interview with Sarah - the Mama behind the brand - below!

Please tell us all about your beautiful business...

Wean Meister creates high quality silicone baby feeding products. Our products are innovative and totally practical – so it makes your transition into the world of solids stress free and lots of fun! Our products are guaranteed time savers. Weaning is such a fun adventure – we make it easy, so you can enjoy special moments along the way. Wean Meister is proud to be Stylish! Thanks to our beautiful pastel colours and our strong attention to detail – such as geometric edging or our hipster bib characters, like Beatnik Bear ;o) And Stylish also equals quality – we have extra supports built in, so our silicone is strong – not floppy! And high grade, because your baby’s wellbeing is top of our list! Even the holes on our bib straps are reinforced, so they will never snap – it’s all the little things that add up to Wean Meister!

When did you start your business, and how did it come about? 

Way back in 2010 when my first daughter, Aria was born. I was underwhelmed with using plastic ice-cube trays to freeze her nutritious food and I knew silicone could be the answer. I LOVED that first year in research and development. Freezer Pods were adored by the Mum’s that used them, and the rest of the business snow balled from there.

What is your favourite thing about your business? 

I love receiving emails from our beautiful customers. I am always blown away when someone takes the time to contact us to let us know their appreciation of our quality. We like to push the boundaries of creativity with our designs and photography. It was fun to create feeding scenes in a forest with a Mummy and Baby fox!!

What is the hardest thing about balancing family with business? 

When my second child Emilie was born and Wean Meister was 2 years old I literally thought I was losing it and the wheels would fall off. You decide to be a Mumpreneur for your family, but success doesn’t come without hard work and everybody suffers. Thankfully I found Yoga – it is like magic for relieving stress and staying focused on the important parts of life, like health and relationships.

Why do you love Instagram to market your products?

It literally gives me the warm fuzzy’s to see people in the Insta community having a fun and easy time with Wean Meister. Like Wean Meister, Instagram’s focus is on creativity. Even though we are a baby feeding brand, we are still able to connect and with all the natural beauty in the world! It’s what motivates us ;o) Can you believe I only discovered Instagram this year!? I must have been living under a rock! Really enjoying all the new connections we are making.

What are your goals for the future? 

Next year we want to educate Mum’s on the importance of learning to drink from an open cup from 6 months. It protects those precious emerging pearly whites! And the Sippy Skillz are just perfect for that, so we need the world to know about them!! I am also doing a yoga teacher training course in 2018. It really brings out the best in me and makes sure Wean Meister’s purpose is aligned with all the good in the world! And living the cliché – Enjoying the journey… not the destination!