Getting to Know the Brand: The Mum Life

The Mum Life is a boutique focusing on a curated collection of children's clothing, mealtime must-haves and Mama essentials. They carefully handpick pieces from both local and international suppliers for the cutest wardrobe for the little ones. They are also proud to partner with global brand names such as Spinkie, Nofred, Jupiduu, Mr Maria and many more. Mama Abby, the owner of The Mum Life, is definitely a mama after my own heart!

They post Australia-wide and internationally and also offer free shipping with any order over $100. 

Not only that, did you know that The Mum Life also supports a leading women's charity? Five percent of their monthly profits are donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation! What's not to love?  

You can check out more of The Mum Life's stuff in the last edition of the STYLISH magazine. But in the meantime, get cosy and read more about one of the best mama entrepreneur in Australia!

When did you start your business and how did it come about?

The business started in April 2017, only 3 months after I had my first son.
My sister and I were sitting on my lounge room floor chatting away about how we both didn't want to go back to our current jobs and wanted to be able to stay at home.

When I was pregnant I found it quite hard to find anything maternity that was nice and affordable. I also found it difficult to find a lot of nice, cute boys things. Obviously, it's a world I did not know about. I found myself saying 'welcome to the mum life' quite a lot, so I spoke with a business consultant, put a plan in place and went from there.

What is your most favourite thing about your business?

My most favourite thing would be being able to stay home with my little man to watch him grow and the flexibility this provides my family. In saying that, I also love helping all my new (and old) mums out there. I love seeing their photos and I get a real kick out of it knowing I have made someone's day.

I also wanted to be able to help other mums and first-time parents, so I also created an affiliate program (only for mums) where they can also have the opportunity to earn a little extra side money while they are at home.

What is the hardest thing about balancing family with business?

The hardest thing about balancing family with business is actually making the time to spend with the family. It has cut a lot into our family time, and you need to be in the social media presence every day. I am grateful for my partner putting up with it. Sometimes I need to tell myself, to just put down your phone for an hour and spend quality time with family. So we've put a plan in place to help manage that and so far, it's going well!

What are your goals for the future?

My goals for the future are to be able to have all the best brand under one place - The Mum Life. And really be that one-stop shopping destination every parent is talking about. I want to be able to expand my affiliate program to other parents out there and give them more of an opportunity to be able to stay at home. I also would like to be able to spend some more time with family, maybe finally go on a short holiday somewhere.


Why do you love Instagram to market your products?

Since I started my Insta account a year ago, I have met some amazing Mama Makers who are also trying to battle the social media world and stay on top of the game to be at home with their kids. Some of these women have inspired me, helped me through some tough 'mummy' times and have just supported me where I've needed it the most. I couldn't be more thankful to those ladies if I tried.

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