Getting to Know the Brand: Cadenshae!

Never in a million years did we think that our humble platform will be an avenue for so many brands - especially international ones. That is why we were blown away when Cadenshae's Nikki Clarke partnered with us on our Stylish Autumn Catalogue.

Cadenshae is a New Zealand brand of cute and stylish activewear for nursing mums. Being a working mumma of 4, Nikki wants to spread her love of pursuing an active and healthy lifestyle to nursing mums all over the world. All the while being comfortable wearing clothes that are not only easy access to breastfeeding but also super stylish and comfortable.

We were really proud to have Cadenshae as one of our sponsors in the last edition of the STYLISH magazine and I’m sure you are going to fall in love with this gorgeous family and their beautiful business.

When did you start your business and how did it come about?

After the birth of our first daughter Caden, I struggled to find any clothes that I could work out in and also breastfeed my daughter. I was a personal trainer at the time so I needed supportive, comfortable clothes that would allow for easy movement. That's when we decided to create our own range and we launched in April of 2015.

What is your most favourite thing about your business?

The customers are just the best! We get to be a part of that special time in their life, and the fact we sell clothes that literally make a difference in their life means so much to us.

What is the hardest thing about balancing family with business?

In the time that we have been running the business, we have had 3 more kiddies (number 4 is due this month ) so it's fair to say that having the business has been a massive juggling act. Both my husband and I work together in the business and at home so it takes a lot of teamwork and understanding to keep things running well. I try my hardest to switch off from work when I am at home, which at times can be hard. But overall, I feel like we maintain a pretty good balance.

What are your goals for the future?

In regards to Cadenshae, we want to be available to every mum in the world. We have seen how much our gears have been a lifesaver for so many mums and we just want to help out as many mums as we can during their breastfeeding journey.

Why do you love Instagram to market your products?

We can reach our market so well and create a really cool community of mums that help us to grow and develop our brand in the way that is most needed and wanted. Pictures say a thousand words, and seeing so many photos of mums rocking our gears honestly makes my day. Being able to see them wearing our clothes on a day to day basis and then being able to share that with other mums and potential customers just make for a really cool feel for the brand.

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